Towergate Coverex will provide:

  • Cancellation & Abandonment,
    postponement, curtailment

    Public and Employers Liability

    Indoor and Outdoor Events


    Terrorism including Threat

  • Enforced Reduced Attendance

    National Mourning

    International Events

    Public Liability in isolation

    One-off Events

  • Multi-Event Schedules

    Key Speaker and

    Events with Fireworks included

From school fete insurance to international exhibition insurance, we provide insurance for every type of event including corporate events, awards ceremonies, concerts, conferences and exhibitions.


Consider all the parties that have a vested interest in the success of the event – the association, any committee that has been formed, the venue and the sub contractors. Ensure that there are sufficient contracts in place so that each party knows exactly what they are responsible for.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis

Carry out an initial risk analysis detailing the frequency and severity of hazards that could impact on the success of the event.

Cancellation risk

For the cancellation risk it is best to insure this as soon as possible – you do not pay any more if the policy is in place for a longer period of time, in fact it can be more cost effective to buy cover earlier.

Public liability

Ensure that you have adequate public liability insurance. Some venues stipulate the minimum amount of cover that they expect you to have but a limit of £5 million is not unusual.

Risk assessment

Risk assessments should always be carried out – remember – if it is not written down it did not happen!

Risk management plan

A risk management plan can be invaluable in the event of an unexpected incident – this can be as simple as a 4 page document incorporating a communication plan should an incident occur. It is also advisable to have someone trained to talk to the media if the event is sufficiently high profile.

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